First floor reconstruction.


First floor reconstruction continued.


First floor reconstruction complete.


First floor wall framing begins.


Wall framing continues. This view is from the north (backyard) side of home.


View from south (front) side of home.


First floor interior wall framing.

Second floor complete.

Second floor wall framing.

Second floor wall framing cont.

Second floor wall framing cont.

After just two weeks of framing, The main floor is fully framed and sheathed. The second level floor has been completed and the exterior walls have all been framed. Some of the support framing has been completed as well as part of the main roof ridge.

Roof support framing continues. Ridge beam is complete and the roof rafters are ready to be positioned and secured.

All support beams are secured and the rafters are being installed.

The majority of the rafters have been installed and the overhangs are being built. The overhangs on this particular home are 12 inches from the exterior vertical sheathing.

The majority of the roof sheathing is complete. The front porch column has been positioned and its' box frame constructed.

All roof sheathing is complete. One additional overbuilt dormer above the main entry remains to be built.

A different angle shot showing the home as seen from east looking west. The fireplace flue chase facade will be added to this east end.

A new cedar fence has been installed around the back yard area. The fence posts were placed into 4X4 steel post receivers. This method has proven to be one of the best around in terms of fence stability, durability and overal quality.

All framing is complete. Fascia and soffits are ready to be finished. Windows are to arrive in a day or two.

Rear view of completed framing.

Windows have been installed and flashings will be installed next.

All upper areas of the home are to receive stucco finish. The process will take a week longer than normal because of the tudor board application with the stucco.

All prep work for stucco is complete. One hour fire rated paper has been installed with drip flashings and wire mesh on top.

The preparation for the stone has been completed. The first floor areas of the exterior have been wrapped with tar paper and metal lath. The foundation has been capped with a drip flashing to help prevent future water damage.

Rock installation has begun. The stone used is architectural stone.

This particular stone is "Manzanita Cliffstone" A larger fieldstone is being used to break up the horizontal lines. The stone ratio is 30% fieldstone and 70% cliffstone.

This particular home is located on a corner. We decided to face the entire center gable facing the street intersection with stone. This gable has a false chimney extending up above the roofline. The two fireplaces in this part of the home use direct vent flues and don't require a chimney flue for venting.

All of the cedar tudor boards have been installed. The completion date for this was 9/13/03.

The fininsh stucco has been applied and the scaffolding is about to come down.

Most of the scaffolding has been removed from around the home. The stucco is complete.

The sprinkler system has been installed and the top soil is being placed around the house. 10/01/03

The sod has been placed and the trees and shrubs are in. Ground cover has been used in the front of the house on either side of the entryway between the landscape rocks.

Rustic and distressed alder cabinetry showing matching door design to the window design thoughout the home.

Kitchen eating area showing fireplace with cabinetry built around it. Above the fireplace will be a TV monitor.

Living room showing 1600 square feet of "saddlewood" flooring being acclimated prior to install.

All floors on the upper lever are 4 inch casa madrone "saddlewood".

Master bedroom.

Master bedroom.

This room will be used as a craft room and has its' own computer desk/center.

Painting is complete in this room and the madrone floors have been nailed down.

Completed view of the kitchen. Solid granite countertops feature a chisseled edge on the sink runs and all vanity tops throughout the house. The island is also solid granite with a more common 1 5/8 mitered apron.

The island houses the gas cooktop. The dishwasher is concealed behind the solid alder wood panels to the left of the sink. A Subzero (tm) wine chiller was installed next to the Subzero (tm) refrigerator/freezer.

Another view of the completed kitchen food preparation area.

Framing layout for ceiling grid pattern in formal dining. Ceiling will be all alder wood.

This is a view of the dining room ceiling. A box beam grid pattern was used to accentuate this ceiling. All of the wood is Alder.

The stairs in the home are all American Cherry. Cherry was selected because of the short supply and the lack of availability of Madrone, the wood selected for the floors. Every other balluster space will receive a custom made metal design that will match the stairway entry light.

This fireplace is manufactured by Heat-n-Glow. The front is hammered pewter.

This fireplace is also by Heat-n-Glow. It is surrounded by alder cabinetry. The top section was designed for a television.

This half bath serves the main floor kitchen area. The granite counter top has a chisseled edge. The sink is by Kohler and the fixture is by Rohl.

This stairway entry fixture was custom made from bronze. It was made in the design of a magnolia. The vine looks as if it were to come out of the ceiling with three flowers (lights) made of hand blown glass.

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