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All of the windows were replaced with Anderson Double Hung wood windows. The center second story window was originally a double window similar to the two side windows. The bathroom in this center location was remodeled requiring this window to be taken out and replaced with a new single double hung window. The original bricks saved from the garage teardown were used to fill in the open areas created by the bathroom changes.

The old flat roof garage was torn down and repalced by this new two story 720 square foot garage complete with swimming pool changing area, small bath, and a large pool equipment and mechanical room. The garage is heated for year round comfort. The second story provided lots of storage space and is fully finished with carpet, painted drywall, recessed lighing and mouldings.

This picture shows the west side of the garage with the mechanical room door on the left, the bathroom door in the middle, and the garage side entry door on the right

Another perspective of the west side.

This shot is taken from the redwood deck area off of the kitchen. It shows the garage doors on the front.

New driveway with rebar reinforcement.

New retaining wall with integrated fence support posts.

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