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Heugh's Canyon Area

This deck was a replacement of the original deck to the house. The original deck was not being used to its full potential due to the direct west facing location on the house. The sun was brutal. The new deck was built with Douglas Fir Timber material with the top surface by Westcoat Coatings. We made the top resemble the 2 foot by 2 foot square Slate floors of the family room. Six total layers of finish were used to achieve the water proof decking enabling the owners to enjoy the area below finished with recessed lighting, paver stone floor, and a year round hot tub that is protected from the elements. Two Sundowner Awnings were used on the upper level to provide shade during the hot months and reduce the amount of sunlight entering the home, if desired. Stainless steel cable was used for the railings along with the 4x4 posts.

Harvard/Yale remodel

This deck in the Harvard/Yale area added approximately 650 square feet to the outdoor living area of the home. The deck is made of "Weather Best tm" decking material installed over a conventionally framed deck structure. We added our own cusom wrought iron railings capped by the same deck material. It comes in a variety of colors. We think it is one of the best, no maintenance, decking materials available today.

Harvard/Yale remodel

This beautiful pool was in need of a new heating and pump equipment room. At the same time, the owners had us build a large bathroom with a walk-in shower big enough for all the kids. The bath and mechanical rooms were part of a larger scale remodel that included a new garage (part of the bath/mechanical structure) and a total reconstruction of the rear section of the home. All of the eaves were reconstructed to match the original. You will see this home elsewhere on this site.

Harvard/Yale remodel

This beautiful wrought iron railing was made to match the batten board stucco pattern. It was powder coated to match the soffit/fascia color on the home.

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