This home has undergone a large 2 story rear addition. The desire of the owners was to make the home look as much like the original home as possible, eventhough the home was nearly doubled in size. One of the biggest tasks was to match as closely as possible the stucco and batten design originally installed on the house. The remaining exterior wood was re-painted.

View after completed project.

The new sections of the home were prepared for stucco by installing approved stucco paper and covered with wire. Batten template boards were placed on top of the preped stucco surface in the exact locations where we will put the new prestained cedar boards.

All of the existing battens and fascia/soffit crown were replaced.

After the base coat had cured, the pre-stained cedar boards were cut and installed. This process helps insure that the stucco and battens will last as long as possible. In the event that any boards need replacing years down the road, the base coat of stucco will not be disturbed or ruined.

After all the cedar boards were installed, the final coat of stucco was applied. This process sealed the edges of the cedar boards to the home. The maximum shadow lines created by the batten boards are maintained.

Rear view complete

Completed view from the rear yard.

After all of the fascia, soffits, crowns and pre-stucco template boards were installed, the stucco base coat was applied.

All stucco, batten boards, and painting of wood trim have been completed.

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